Example photo's of UDO in Manual Mode

Hey Everyone,

Just got my UDO second hand and I’m struggling to get a good sound using the Manual button.

I’ve got the hang of changing patches and a few of the settings but would love some photos that show the different sliders knobs dials that I can COPY and use as a starting position to tweak further from.

Also if anyone has some good YouTube training videos they recommend which arent just Reviews that would also be epic.

thanks heaps.

cheers troy

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Which patch do you want to know?

@MOOGelPackung - Honestly anything would be great.

A5 on the standard patch.

F7 of MajorOSC patch bank if you have that.

It’s a starting point of some staple patches that I’m after :slight_smile:

Thanks so much


I can only decode patches that I have and I have to do parts of this manually, so I cannot decode patches from the MajorOSC patch bank and I’m not willing to do “anything”.

But you were modest enought to ask for one, so you get two … and some bonus. :wink:

Bonus patch A7 because this one has a special feature: interesting sound on key release

There: Patch file decoding - #4 by MOOGelPackung
you get an overview over the factory patches and in this topic you find additional information how this screenshots made and how they are to read … and some screenshots of other patches too.
One comment here: One “super power” of the Super 6 is it’s huge and powerfull MOD MATRIX … and this you would not see in photos. E.g. all the Matt Johnson patches E2…G1 make extensive use of several MOD MATRIX entries.

And if you browse through my activity history: Profile - MOOGelPackung - UDO Audio Forum
you will find screenshots of other patches in other topics too.


Thanks so much for getting back to me. Super complex but I think I get it haha.

A top down photo of the device would be sweet as well how this is far more scientific.

Next time I make a patch from scratch, I’ll post it here. Lately I’ve been modifying some of my older patches, so the panel and the sound don’t match on my instrument right now.

If you learn to read MOOGelPackung’s patch notes you’ll be in good shape. Importantly, his patch notes seem to be able to show you what’s going on in the mod matrix, which there’s no way to show on the front panel, and by extension, a photo of the front panel.

It’s only “sweet” if you don’t use it.
If you try to reproduce a patch you will quickly realize, that most of the faders are very sensitive to the correct position, so if you have a photo you end up counting lines on the photo to detect the exact position and than count lines on your Super6 again to reproduce this.
If you already have the right number you save the time for the first counting per fader.
It only look a little less intuitive but in fact it’s more precise and easier to handle than a picture.


Hey - one of the best 'tutorials/ on YT is a series of mini reviews which are still on-going, by Automatic Gainsay. He delves into every nook and cranny of the Super 6 and if you take it all onboard you’ll be a siper Super 6 wizard :slight_smile: Unfortunately, he has not yet got very far…

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Thanks @Yan i will be watching all these. really appreciate it mate.

Check out this post by @DavidE for a photo of a classic-sounding patch to get you started. :slight_smile: