Who has the patch recreates perfectly jump Ob-xa?

Hi, if you have this patch can you share it please, many thanks !


This is what gets me, pretty close.


Both chorus buttons are on.

Hi David, can you please upload the file patch ?

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I just followed this picture. It worked perfectly. Thank you. Sounds even better with increasing the AMP envelope (ENV2) release, or using an external reverb if a user doesn’t wanna do that.

The sound uses the sub ?

p6_Jump.s6 (35.4 KB)

Here is the Sound its about as close as you’ll get because the Oscillators character between the two are not exactly the same. Yes it uses the SUB.



Big thanks ! i test it tonight.

Let me know what you think.

Hello David, Yes it’s really close, i made one with two saw and detune.


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That one is really nice. :+1:
But when we have a better synth, why mimic the oldies and not make it a little better? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So i took your patch and made some “add-on’s”:

  • changed LFO2 RATE to 5.5
  • switched DDS1 to SUPER 1/2; DETUNE at 2.5 (middle between 0 and 5)
  • changed VCF … LFO1 to ~1
  • reduced VCA … ENV LEVEL to little above 0dB (patch was much louder than the average)
  • enhanced MOD ASSIGN of LFO 2 => DLY TIME (was -5%, now more than -10%)
  • added MOD ASSIGN of AFTR => VCF LFO1 with max. MOD AMOUNT

Makes the patch sound “brighter” (even without additional reverb) and if you press aftertouch it starts to modulate between L/R channel (saves the money for a ping-pong delay :crazy_face:).
And if you push the pitchbend/mod trigger there are slight phasing effects over the delay modulation.

p8_Obxa.s6 (35.4 KB)

Looks that way

As you can see in the MOD MATRIX, expression pedal makes ENV2 release longer (was allready in there :+1:).

PS: I never had an OB-Xa, so i don’t know if i accidentally made it better or worst.
It’s just more of that what i like about the Super6.

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Hi MOOGelPackung, i love the oldies analog sounds^^ i will listen to your changes tomorrow, thanks!

I still haven’t listened to your patch, my headphone left speaker is broken for several days, i’m waiting for my new dt990.