James Pingel Demo - Patches Available

I just have the demo of the 16 patches I’ve been working on tonight. Forgot to name the patches when I pulled them off the machine, so I need to go back to my notes, see what order I originally played these in, so I can pull of the correct patches and give them names this time. Give me day or two to do that, but soon you too shall be able to play many saw-based pad sounds.

EDIT: Patches available and named here:



Nice thank you very generous, downloaded and can’t wait to try them out :+1:

Demo sounds great. The sound of the Super 6 is a combination of lush and organic / natural. These characteristics are is as good as it gets for a synthesizer.

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Love the OctSaws patch. So creamy and dreamy, then open the filter and it sounds airy and heavenly :+1: