CRC Patchbank 1


Never shared any patches before, but somehow this USB drive of way made me want to give it a try.
Every time I get a new synth, I try to make a few kind of sounds to really learn the instrument. , Vox Humana choirs, a few of my favorite Black Dog sounds from my old Matrix 1000, Prophet 5 sync sounds ect. So without further ado… 8 of my first patches after one month of owning the Super 6 Desktop.

Hope you like them!



Thanks, can’t wait to try :grin:

How are you finding the Super 6 so far then?

Thanks. I have a second set of patches ready if there is interest.

So far I am loving the S6 alot. Huge sound and lovely interface. Had a studio session during the last two days and it was the first time I used it to actually make music, and it was great.
Pondered alot about what new polysynth to buy, and I think I made the right choice. While the Polybrute for example sounded good and all, the complexity of it gets in the way when actually making music. I get analysis paralysis with instruments like that :slight_smile:

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Here is a new set of 8 sounds. First ones are really basic bread&butter sounds, and the later ones a bit more on the experimental side.