Hermetech Bank 1


Just a few of the hundreds of patches I have created over the last three months with this wonderful machine. Feel free to do with them as you please, but please keep this text file with them if you redistribute, and let me know if they make it into any finished music.

Gregg at Hermetech Mastering, Milan, 3rd Nov 2020


A very deep and wonky bass patch, utilising XMod and Sync, I think. For those who wondered if it could be a bass machine. :slight_smile:


Oberheim SEM style mono BPF lead, as heard on countless Pete Namlook tracks. Also reminds me a bit of some of the spacey sounds on Gong’s Flying Teapot trilogy. The LPF in BP mode on the Super 6 sounds just wonderful.


Lush strings with added fizz. Just add Dimension Chorus for 80s vibe, or a Schulte Compact Phasing “A” for a 70s German flavour.


Puts the VCS3 to shame… Don’t forget to wobble the bender!


Uses a custom wave. Lovely, chilled in a field with my hands in the air at sunrise…


Everyone has to have a go at this patch one time or another. I think on this one I assigned an LFO to the delay time, but very subtly and very slowly, to see if I could get a Flanger type sound out of the Super 6.


Hold down six different notes at six different times, and wait for the binaural drone.


Needed a Mellotron style flute sound for a track I was working on, this fit the bill quite nicely.


Not sure if all of these patches will load/sound correctly with newer firmware, the deep bass one definitely sounds off with the most recent firmware. I guess that’s the price you pay for having it updated!