Anyone got a good acid patch?

Wondering if, despite not having a 303 sequencer with slides etc, some good 303 style bass can be had? I’m more into the Richie Hawtin style than the super squelchy acidically resonant style. Love to try if anyone has a go-to technique.

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I made this one on an old firmware, just after the sequencer was implemented. Seems to still work OK on new firmware although not sure if I have tweaked it since. You can for sure do Accents and Slides on the S6 sequencer. Two versions on my hard drive, not got my S6 connected at the mo so can’t tell if they are the same or different, one may have a sequence saved with the patch.

p5_SquareAcid_HERMETECH.s6 (35.4 KB)

p4_SquareAcid_HERMETECH.s6 (35.4 KB)

Audio demo (sorry it’s more squelchy, less Ritchie!) I change from Saw to Square to custom wave in places. Won’t win any 303 emulation awards but it has that basic character:


Nice one! I had no idea that the sequencer supported that either. Sounds great, cheers!

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A few 303 style patches here for sale for 2 bucks.

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