Recreating the classic Velo Reso patch from Alpha Juno

An oldie but a goodie. I’ve always loved the tone and sparkle of this classic Alpha Juno patch, wondering if anyone’s got a good recreation or pointers to get a close approximation. Other than trying to get the general tone down from the oscillators (which are quite interesting on the Alpha) I can’t seem to get the tight velocity response to the filter that gives the patch that nice zingy quality, almost seems sluggish on the SS - hard to put my finger on it.

Hiya - if it helps you can double the snappiness of the filter release by setting it to “ENV 1+2” then matching the settings of both envelopes. This doubles the range and as a result doubles the “slope”

Juno had single envelope I believe so this will also help with authenticity. There are “Gate” settings for VCA (like Juno) and Gate+Release (S6)

Let me know how you get on!


Hey - thanks for the response and tips

I’ve been using that ENV 1+2 tip on snappy basses so will give it a go for this too. I’ve got a wicked patch here at the minute with just the right vibe, will dive in further tomorrow. New user so can’t share the patch and sequence yet hopefully that’ll change soon tho.