The following began as a classic analog brass patch that somehow strolled into dnb land. Quite fun stumbling upon new sounds while tweaking knobs and sliders. Hats off to UDO for creating this patch-making machine :metal:


That’s so cool! So much going on sonically!

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Very interesting sounds :slight_smile: Care to elaborate on how you created the patch? Sounds like max delay feedback for pseudo Karplus-Strong, maybe some FM or XMOD for the metallic overtones? Filter drive 3 for distortion?

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Heh, my memory of the patch is foggy but the delay feedback came from watching loopop review where he did a trick using the shortest delay time with full feedback. The “scraping” is having dds2 in sync and probably modulating the tune.

Added a new demo that demonstrates the filter by playing around with the frequency, envelope-amount and envelope parameters. This interplay between envelope-amount and envelopes wasn’t immediately obvious to me.