Digiphex on YouTube Patches

Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Lone, Autechre and others. Enjoy.

p1_BOC Roygbiv.s6 (35.4 KB)
p2_Lone Emerald.s6 (35.4 KB)
p3_Steel Drum.s6 (35.4 KB)
p4_Autechre Eutow.s6 (35.4 KB)
p5_BOC Jacquard.s6 (35.4 KB)
p6_MC202.s6 (35.4 KB)
p7_BOC M9.s6 (35.4 KB)
p8_Aphex T69Collapse.s6 (35.4 KB)

Yes, the Super 6 can make the eerie human voice you hear in Aphex T69 Collapse!
Check me out over at YouTube for further patches for all kinds of synths and tutorials as well.

Enjoy my friends!


Thanks @Digiphex so much for posting this and I’m looking forward to checking them out when I get into the lab today! @DDS how cool is this!

All the best artists. Thank you for sharing. I will check them out!

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Wow, just the kind of sounds I like. Thank for making this available!

You have great taste in instruments/artists. Thanks for posting these. They’re a lot of fun!