Replacing Fatar keybed

Has anyone thought about doing this? I was thinking about replacing the Super 6’s Fatar TP/7BA keybed with the TP/8S or 9S.

As far as I know, it’s possible to swap Fatar key beds. They’re hard to find but I think I found a TP/9S for about $120 USD.

Nothing wrong with my S6’s TP/7BA or anything, but it does feel cheap compared to the other Fatar models. More horizontal movement, a little looser; the keys themselves have the hollowed out indent underneath them. Kind of a bummer of a cost-saving measure – most other keyboards in this price range have the 8S or 9S model.

Not me. I have found the keybed to be already premium enough in quality. There is nothing that would compel me to replace it, relative to all the other synths I have in my studio. For example, it is certainly no worse than anything from Sequential, Novation, Modal, etc. At least in my opinion. However, I guess we all have different views on what feels “cheap”.


I hear you …
I wouldn’t never really noticed, how ever a I got an argon befor Xmas , and the key bed on that and moog grandmother feel nicer ,
Now I’m kinda wondering how they can put such a nice keybed on an argon and why this is not more widely recognised …
All forgotten after 2 chords played …

Just got my super 6 and was also surprised by the keybed.

However - just learned that it is indeed a TP9/S, simply unweighted. I knew it couldn’t be a TP7 those are pure :poop:

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Can I ask where you learned that the S6 has an unweighted TP9/S keybed? I’ve got a Prophet 10 with the semi-weighted TP9/S and I love the feel of it, so I’d be keen to replace the S6 keybed with the semi-weighted version if it’d be an easy procedure

Hi, the Super 6 uses the TP9/S with aftertouch. The “hollows” are where the weights would normally be. If you wanted to change it for a weighted type and could get one, make sure it also has the aftertouch strip. There is a careful procedure of keyboard alignment we go through. We have a service manual entry for this procedure and can share this with you if you contact us directly thanks.