Super 6 refresh with new Poly AT Fatar keybed?

Hi! Some news of the last few weeks: Waldorf convinced Fatar to make a version of one of their synth action keybeds that supports Poly Aftertouch, and is available in Waldorf’s new Iridium Keyboard synth.

Would UDO Audio consider a refresh of the Super 6 to use this new 49-key Poly AT keybed?

I believe Super 6 is using Fatar’s TP/7BA, whereas this new Poly AT is built on Fatar’s TP/8SK design… so maybe it’s harder than I’m thinking. Cost would obviously go up as well.

Even better idea: be the first to market with a well designed simple MIDI keyboard with this Poly AT, so I can use it with the Super 6 Desktop, as well as other synths I own that accept Poly AT!