How do the keys feel on the Super Gemini

I own the Super 6 and am considering purchasing the SuperTouch keyboard upgrade.

I’m curious to hear from a SG users how you rate the semi-weighted keys versus the standard keys we’re probably all used to on synths… like, how weighted are we talking here? And beyond the lovely addition of Poly Aftertouch, is the feel a big upgrade?

I wasn’t expecting a major difference, but I absolutely noticed one! I was surprised at how much better they feel on the Gemini. I would buy the upgrade for the improved feel alone.

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My SuperGemini seems very sensitive for Note On Velocity - my ordinary playing always generates a v=110 to 127, it’s quite difficult to get lower velocities out of it.
Playing the same patch side-by-side from the SuperGemini’s own keyboard and triggered from another MIDI controller (I have a Kawai VPC1 piano-style master keyboard), the Kawai easily lets me get a much greater dynamic range.

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