Global velocity and aftertouch response curves for keyboard model

How about using the spare 8th (‘H’) global settings button on the keyboard model to choose different MIDI response curves for both the velocity and aftertouch actions. The user would then choose one of the 16 buttons to set increasing amounts of exponential response to the right and logarithmic to the left, with linear in the middle. Ideally pressing Shift-‘H’ multiple times would cycle between Velocity, Aftertouch and Commit, but I guess just having 8 settings each available for Velocity (white buttons) and Aftertouch (black buttons) would be better than nothing.

The reason for my suggestion is that my new Super 6 is doubling as my main studio controller keyboard, and I’ve noticed an overly lively velocity behaviour when controlling piano VSTs etc. It would be nice not to have to modify the velocity curve within the software settings of each and every virtual instrument I pull up.

Thanks if you can!


Thanks for your suggestion. @DDS please can you make sure we catalogue this request thanks!


Happy to report that the ‘improved keyboard velocity response for more natural playing’ mentioned in the 0.52 firmware update notes, does exactly that when connected to an external sound source (eg piano VST) via MIDI. Before it was almost impossible to play softly and, whilst it would still be nice to be able to choose different velocity curve settings, I can definitely work with how it is now after the update. This is quite a major deal for my studio set-up, but also for live use where I might want to use the Super 6 as a controller for other sound sources in my rig at certain moments. Thank you!


I noticed it too, S6 controlling Pianotoeq now feels much better.

So there is no way to change the curve on the Super 6? (for when controlling desktop modules especially)