S6 keyboard white panel revision?

Hi all, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I’ve tried to do a deep search on here and elsewhere online without being able to find an answer so thought I’d post the question.

I’m (incredibly!) excited to be about to place an order on a Super 6, and have been trying to make the tough decision on colour. As I’ve been looking at examples of each of the options, I noticed that the Light Grey or “White SE” version often has additional shift functions labeled on the panel - ‘HPF’ under the filter/‘DRIFT’ under the PW for instance (as per photos on Thomann, for example: UDO Audio Super 6 White SE – Thomann UK). However, UDO’s own site, and other retailers, don’t feature these labels in the product images. I realise this is very minor(!), but was a panel revision made at some point, or do all of the Light Grey Super 6’s ship with panels with these additional shift functions labeled?

Am I also correct in thinking the Blue and Grey/black versions have never had this panel revision?

Thanks in advance!

All light grey Super 6s are labelled with the shift functions, which were first introduced with the desktop model. (The light grey Super 6s were produced after the desktop model was introduced).

Thanks so much for confirming this, really appreciate it!