Saving a patch to bank 2

Hey guys, I’m over here losing my mind trying to figure this out. I’ve read through the manual instructions plenty of times but it just does not seem to yield the result of saving a custom patch to bank 2. I’m sure there is something extremely simple I’m missing but if anyone has a video of them doing this it would be much appreciated!

There are 2 layers to Banks A-H (black buttons)

  • Solid light = preset
  • Blinking light = user bank

If you want to save to user banks within A-H, just press the bank letter twice so it starts blinking (you are now in user bank for that letter). Then choose patch 1-8 (white buttons) to save to, and hold down white button you want to save patch to.

Example of saving to user bank C, patch 4:

  • Press Bank C button twice (starts blinking)
  • Select patch 4 (white button), it will be solid light
  • Press and hold patch 4 button until it saves (all lights will flash off for a second, and come back)

I got confused about this too but your answer helped, thanks! I was going wrong by pressing the white buttons twice to try enter bank 2. If you do this the white button (number) starts to flash, is this just switching to manual mode?