Some munged together asymmetric waveforms

In part of my exploratory work with waveforms, samples, and impulse responses, I had a bit of a play about with some math(s) by munging together a 1/2 cycle of one waveform with the other 1/2 cycle of a different waveform.

The waveform types I used in this little exercise are:


The Weierstrass signal is a fractal waveform.

Whether any of these single cycle waveforms (SCW) are useful/musical is in the ear of the beholder :slight_smile:

I have included the requisite 16-bit ws6 version of the file needed by the UDO 6, but also a 24-bit WAV version as well.

A couple of things to keep in mind here:

  1. I have made no attempt at bandlimiting these waveforms so I would expect some aliasing to occur for some of these SCW shapes.

  2. I am currently working on an FFT view as well, I will update this post once I get that to a satisfactory point.

  3. I have also included a Serum compatible wavetable file in the top level of the zip file containing all of the waveforms in one spot. It really isn’t a nicely sounding table when swept, but I am including it for folks that like to see everything in one spot.

I put the files on my Google Drive at:

I was simply going to rename the zip file to change it to have a file extension that is allowed for uploading directly here, but didn’t want to make the moderators mad.

Please let me know if there are any issues here.




Great stuff but it’s saying I don’t have access!

Hmmm. Let me check Google drive as the permissions may be set on the folder and not the file…

I think I sorted out the permissions on that folder/zip file. Operative word is “think”

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Yep, works now, thank you!

One other interesting avenue I am diving into is using these sorts of waveforms as envelopes for other waveforms. Essentially, ring modulation if you will. For example, what if I took at higher frequency square wave and modulated its duty cycle over the 1 HZ SCW time period and then multiplied that by one of the asymmetric waveforms? Also, the judicial addition of one of the noise colors can add an interesting sonic texture. If only we didn’t have to worry about Nyquist rates etc. . One person’s worry is another person’s mad scientist laboratory.

I have included a couple of screencaps showing a simple square wave combined with a munged Elliptical/Triangle Envelope


Direct link please ?

Here is the zip file I have out on my Google drive.

Asymmetric_SCW_20230405T083424.bin (1.5 MB)

Please replace the “bin” extension with “zip” and you should be good to go.


Thank you very much.

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