Super 6 plus PolyBrute: BFFs

Enjoying my first month with the Super 6 - what a gorgeous instrument! And it is incredibly fun to perform on. Here are a couple performances exploring the synergies between the S6 and PB. House-y pulsing pads:

Glassy arps triggered by the audio in from a TR-8S:


This stuff sounds incredible, especially the second video, very creative sequencing and knob-twiddlin’

By the way, how do you like the PolyBrute in comparison to the S6? I realize they are very different beasts. I was thinking about getting a PB but decided on the S6 instead. The only thing that threw me in the S6 direction was the immediacy of programming it and I liked the filters and oscillators better. Curious what you think about the PB and if you have as much fun on it as the S6?

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What I love most about the S6 is how it’s a joy to play during live performance, jamming, tweaking, and it is just full of shimmery sweet spots that are easy to find while playing live.

Where the PolyBrute shines is creative sound design. With its mod matrix, multiple filters and lfos, it admits some tremendously deep sound design possibilities, if that is your thing. I have many examples on my yt channel of what you can achieve on the PB. Everything about the user interface, from the panel layout to the mod matrix to the sequencer, is also tremendously intuitive and well thought out.

In terms of sound, they both sound absolutely incredible and cover much of the same territory. The S6 shines just a bit brighter when it’s in its zone, but that zone is considerably narrower than the PB. My OB-X video shows some attempts to create the same sounds on both instruments.

The S6 really excels at the kind of glassy, metallic, digital timbres shown in the second video, partly because it supports the digital waveforms and partly because the crossmod/filter FM are so good. The PB can certainly achieve those timbres too, but it’s definitely harder to dial in.

Anyway, I love both and plan to keep them both for a long time.