Super Gemini Note Trigger Issue

Hey team, very excited to have received my Super Gemini today and loving it so far!

I am unfortunately seeing an issue where some note presses aren’t consistently triggering a note on (/ do but with a delay). I’ve attached a link to a video to show the behaviour.

It appears to be only affecting my G#2 note - can’t seem to replicate the behaviour in any other note

Wondering if its a hardware or software issue…


That stinks. Hope it’s an easy one for your sake and ours!

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Key sounds terrible, as in the mechanical sound. Not sure if that’s because there is a physical problem or just because you are smacking it hard.

Haha nah that’s just me hitting it quite hard. Otherwise it’s perfectly normal

Think this was likely just a faulty unit. Managed to exchange my unit for a new one and the issue is not there; hopefully no one else has a similar issue!