Tom Sawyer Patch (What am I doing wrong to get LF01 to modulate filter and retrigger?)

Question: I’m trying to learn the ropes on the synth a bit more, and I’m wondering how do I create the classic “tom sawyer” intro patch, where the mod envelope sweeps the frequency/resonance gradually. I can get the S6 to do it where I have LF02 modulate the filter frequency but (1) it doesn’t retrigger upon pressing a key, it’s just a constant wherever LF02 is. I can’t get LF01 to modulate the frequency using the modulation assign button. Is there something I’m missing to get LF01 to modulate the frequency AND have it re-trigger from scratch each time a new key is hit?

Thanks all

LFO 1 has 3 modes - reset, once and free.
Are you using simple wave form (for a TS patch I guess you do) in lo-freq range or are you trying smt with high freq/audible range?
Are you using a LFO 1 slider in the filter section, rather than mod matrix?
Anyhow, re-trigger will occur if you keep the switch in the LFO section set to the top position (reset).
LFO2 is a global, free LFO only. For more control, use LFO 1. You can set it to reset by simply keeping the switch up to reset position and setting the level of the modulation in the filter section by using dedicated LFO1 slider.
Let me know if this works for you.