Transpose with shift


Happy SG customer (first day of receiving it).

Found an issue that I don’t believe the manual covers, or if it does I haven’t found how to solve it.

I can see that each Layer can have it’s own transpose function when using shift and the Octave shift switch for altering in semi tones.

On my SG. when in manual mode the Middle C on the upper layer is pitched to F, with the lower layer pitched to C. However when I try to transpose the upper later when selecting just the upper layer, the lower layer also transposes, so neither layers are matched to a C

This only happens in manual mode.

Is there a way to solve this?


It is possible you have layer detune set so something other than 12 o’clock l. This would give you F at the far end of the range

That’s not it I’m afraid.

I’ve recorded a quick video to show the issue which I’ve uploaded to Dropbox

Started from when I first put the synth into manual and then selected dual to get both layers working.

The presets and performances are in tune per layer, just not when in manual.

Not seen anywhere in the manual to suggest that transposing each layer separately is independent of the other layer.

When I have the lower detune set all the way to the left it’s fine, but that’s not what you suggested (I think)



@MattCulpin mine tunes a fifth up too. Only after pressing manual on lower. I notice also the ribbon must be touched after manual is pressed to reset it.

I have remedied this here in the lab, we’ll post online imminently.

Email me if you want to try the update beforehand

In the meantime two temporary workarounds.

  1. Press manual lower, use layerdetune fully CCW to bring back to a440 on lower layer.


  1. Start from init patch (SHIFT - MANUAL) and move faders to the init patch positions to approximate manual (better)