UDO meaning

What does UDO stand for? Is it, in fact an acronym.

P.S. I love my Super 6.

It’s Unidentified Dancing Objects.


sounds a bit like “Your Audio” but what do I know there might be more esoteric reasons ?

In german Udo this is common forename (e.g. the name of my brother, what is the subject of stupid wordplay since i have mine) :rofl:

And it’s a sad acronm for “unser dummer Ossi” :partying_face:, in english “our stupid eastern-german” (I’m allowed to say that, because i’m one of them :blush: ).

But i’m sure none of this was the intention of this name.

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oh wow that would be rude re: Ossies
You’re right re: Udo must be very common name in Germany, I recall my German lessons at school were with a book called “Hallo Freunde” and the main character was… Udo Waldmann

No idea what the name means.

In Stuttgart, Germany there is a hamburger place called UDO-SNACK. It is a hidden gem. It does not look like much but they make the best hamburgers ever. The place is so small that you can’t sit and there is room for maybe 5 customers. They exist since 1970 or so. If you happen to be in Stuttgart check it out. Calwer Str. 23.

They just really like Udon noodles

UDO has a full form??? I did not even know that