Using the S6 for a Prophet 5/6 sound

Super 6 as Prophet 5/6 | Whyp (in case the SC link is removed)

Played live but I’m not very good with keys yet

recorded in Garageband using stock reverb, tape delay, and limiter on master channel

If you have any tips on what to do to get closer to the P5 sound with this synth, please let me know. I don’t own or want any other synth but for the sake of experimentation, I’d like to push the limits of this one and see what it can and can’t do.


I know this won’t help, but my solution was to get a Prophet 6 as a partner to my Super 6 haha. I never touched a Prophet 5, but the Prophet 6 sonic possibilities are pretty wide. Super 6 and Prophet 6 are similar in a few important things. Both are a joy and easy to program, but the filters are different (dual parallel filters on P6), the oscillator section is different, etc. Super 6 can’t get too close to Prophet 6’s overall sound, and viceversa. You just need both believe me :stuck_out_tongue: