Which power cable belongs to my Super 6?

Hi all. I hope you’re well.

I just moved house and all the power cables for my gear got mixed up. I’ve got three power cables that could potentially belong to the Super 6 but they’re all slightly different ratings.

I wonder if anyone who understands power ratings can help me identify which one belongs to my Super 6 please? Anything to do with electricity confuses the heck out of me.

The (UK) cables are rated:

  • 3A / 250V mains side - 10A / 250V synth side
  • 5A / 250V mains side - 10A / 250V synth side
  • 13A / 250V mains side - 10A / 250V synth side

I’m guessing the synth side is the most important, and part of me thinks I can just use any of these? But I want to double check. If anyone can educate me, I’d be massively grateful! :slightly_smiling_face:

Synths don’t use much current, any should work

its kettle lead , should matter