Your preferred recording chain setup

Over the years I’ve picked up various tips on how a recording chain can be setup. There was a period I threw on a lot of plugins. Nowadays I try to trim down the setup and simplify where I can. Signal levels is also something I try to be more conscious about. I prefer doing recordings in one go and avoid multitrack recording if I can. Physical space is limited to just a couple of instruments, an effectbox and a small rack with the audio interface.

My current recording setup is now chained as Instrument → Tracking → Mixing → Mastering.

Instrument :

  • On my Super 6 I preferred using the VCA env-level for level adjustments. Keeping the master volume set to 0 seemed most optimal wrt noise floor.
  • As the synth has unbalanced outputs I employed unbalanced cables to my audio interface. Online comments indicated balanced cables could affect levels but I never got to verify this.


  • All my hardware is connected to the audio interface on individual channels. All inputs have the same gain adjustment.
  • A permanent send in my audio interface routing to the hardware reverb (only wet signal which I can adjust directly).
  • Monitor send to my headphones. I use a neutral headset aimed at monitoring.
  • Audio interface operates in 24bit 48kHz.
  • The audio interfaces’ input channels are recorded directly into the DAW.


  • K-metering used for monitoring levels. I use K-20 which is supported in Bitwig.
  • Tracks usually just sent to main bus.
  • Occasional dynamic equalizer on individual tracks and main bus. Sometime levels over time on the Super 6 can vary quite a bit so compression can be useful.
  • Mixdown to 24bit 48kHz wav.


  • Use a limiter to bring up levels.
  • A dedicated metering plugin. I try to target -12 to -14 LUFS using a Spotify profile.
  • Export to 24bit 48kHz wav.

Trying to keep this brief :slight_smile: Feel free to add your preferred setup. Suggestions welcomed!


A friend tracked a super 6 through a neve di clone and it sounded amazing. Wish I could afford that thing.

Two 500-series modules is quite an expensive way to track the Super 6 :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree. The Super 6 is expensive too.