A Super 6 in Slow Motion


Here’s a track I made with the Super 6, one patch but several layers. It was recorded at a higher speed and pitch, then slowed down via a tape machine. At some point I recorded the reverb of my living room at a higher speed and layered that in downpitched again. Then my label took it to get mastered and it was passed through tape again. I think there’s also the sound of my chair squeaking in there too, pitched down, hahaha.

Anyway the album is out on Bandcamp on vinyl and other places on streaming too. It’s lots of synths, so maybe some of you will like it. It’s called Længselsfuld For Evigt, or Longingsome For Ever (I know it’s not a technically correct translation).



Thanks for sharing, but not for me. I get the impression from the tracks I listened to and then the text at the end, it’s an album of randomness and turmoil with no real direction - almost like somebody just recording themselves noodling around. This is by no means a criticism, I admire anybody who puts their work out there, just hope things work out for ya’ buddy.

That’s okay, but thank you for listening. Maybe we like different music. There are lots of things I dislike too and I think not liking something can be an important part of growing as an artist.

Hey man, amen to that, we can’t all like the same stuff - I just seem to prefer the more melodic stuff, which you could say is the more boring traditional stuff! Props to you putting yourself out there for feedback and critique, that takes guts and for that you have my utmost respect - that’s absolutely how you grow as an artist, and your style will change as you grow.