Accessories Store - cover?

Wondering whether the upcoming accessory store will have a dust cover? Something ‘like’ this?

Hopefully yes, but I’m just using the bag it came in at the moment, works great.

I got a cover for mine from here: UDO Super 6 Synthesizer Dust Cover – Ann's Tweed. It fits nice and the quality is good. Yes, not UDO branded or anything, but it does the job.

I recently bought a Decksaver transparent moulded plastic cover for my Moog Sub37. It’s excellent. I asked Decksaver if they had any plans for a Super 6 cover. They said it’s currently in the works and should be available in May.


I use the bag as well, its perfect for me

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I had one (desksaver) for my MinilogueXD and was great. Would absolutely love one for the Super6. Currently I also use the vinyl cover from Anne’s Tweed but with a bespoke-made foam inner for extra protection. Works great