Accessories Store - cover?

Wondering whether the upcoming accessory store will have a dust cover? Something ‘like’ this?

Hopefully yes, but I’m just using the bag it came in at the moment, works great.

I got a cover for mine from here: UDO Super 6 Synthesizer Dust Cover – Ann's Tweed. It fits nice and the quality is good. Yes, not UDO branded or anything, but it does the job.

I recently bought a Decksaver transparent moulded plastic cover for my Moog Sub37. It’s excellent. I asked Decksaver if they had any plans for a Super 6 cover. They said it’s currently in the works and should be available in May.


I use the bag as well, its perfect for me

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I had one (desksaver) for my MinilogueXD and was great. Would absolutely love one for the Super6. Currently I also use the vinyl cover from Anne’s Tweed but with a bespoke-made foam inner for extra protection. Works great

I’m a bit late to the party here but this may help!

Decksaver made a Super 6 cover, we’re negotiating a desktop one too


Super 6 Desktop owners – there is a form on the Decksaver website where you can request a cover. Please fill it out!! Let’s get the S6 Desktop to the front of their queue :).

Form takes 10sec to complete here:
Under “select the nature of your enquiry”, select “I want to request a cover”.

When I filled this out, their response to me was

“The tooling and development is quite expensive for each cover so we need to know there are numbers behind getting this done. It’s been added to the request list and if it starts to get some heat we’ll look at it.”

Hi bumping this, please ping decksaver with your request. We’ll work with them too.


Decksaver have made a cover for the desktop! We have some samples, I’m not sure they’ve released it yet but the ones they sent us are great. Will post here as soon as I find out more


Yeah I’ve seen it in stock in at least 2 UK music stores already.

The desktop version?

We received some more samples but it’s not quite released yet for the desktop - won’t be long and we’ll announce on our mailing list

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Oops, sorry that I totally missed the word desktop when I was reading recent posts and talking about UK stock.

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