UDO bag

Looking online it seems like everyone but me got a branded UDO bag :laughing:
Mine is just a blank canvas sack.

Maybe it’s a synthfluencer only feature?

Mine’s blank too, don’t feel too bad. It’s the synth that counts. :wink:


I got a branded one but is doesn’t make the synth sound better, neither makes it the firmware more stable.

In fact, I see no use in this bag at all, except that it’s a fancy marketing gag. I’m thinking about stitching a dust cover from it to give it any use.

I got a free branded dust cover from UDO for beta testing. :wink:

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How dusty must a studio be to qualify it’s owner as a dust cover beta tester? :sweat_smile:

Are we talking about the canvas bag the synth comes shipped inside of in the box? Personally, I was just thrilled to see it was canvas and not plastic like with all my other synths. I consider it a shipping piece and nothing more, branded or not. Mine is in the box in case I ever need to send my synth off for service or sale (both very unlikely from what I’ve seen thus far).

Agreed on the lack of plastic! Nothing worse than getting a new toy then spending hours separating recyclables and binning them

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Just got my Super 6, which came in a branded sack. A nice touch, but of little-to-no use to me.

I was more excited about the stickers. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You can use it as a dust cover too.

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True. I’m all about the Decksavers though. :grin:

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I hate them, big, heavy, clear plastic things that are a pain to put on and take off, and always get scratched up, far rather a piece of recyclable natural fabric!

That fabric leaves more dust on the synth than it saves. It also smells kind of funky. But each to their own. :grin:

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Never ever in my life it took me more than 2 minutes to take something out of a bag and put that bag into the right bin.

And the fabric is (in contrast to plastic) not water(/whisky)proof! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So nether on transportastrion nor in my studio it protects the synth from environment pollution. :crazy_face: