Arp still out of sync with external clock after update

Since I saw at least two people with similar problems on another forum, I wonder if it is still a general problem and not just me.
When I try to sync the arp to an external clock/sequencer it goes out of sync.
I tried with the Deluge and a Mpc Live. Sometimes it will move slowly out of sync but most of the time it will just constantly start to late. It will seem like it is in sync but it will start on the offbeat. This happens exactly the same with the Deluge and the Mpc. I tried the same with my other synths(Micromonsta, Iridium, Peak) and they are in sync. So I guess the problem lies with the Super 6
Can someone try to replicate or has similar problems?


Still having Arp sync issues here as well. it was good after the update, until I powered down. It never locked back since here.

I find it always good to power down twice after the update but occasionally forget. For example, this time I spent 30 mins absolutely baffled that the Init patch had deep vibrato - over the keyboard’s bottom 2.5 octaves only. After a power off/on, it now behaves impeccably.

Unfortunately it seems like this doesn’t work here. Like the previous user already pointed out, it used to be good until he powered down. With mine, I powered down numerous times and made sure the update was applied correctly. But it won’t stay in sync

To me it sounds like a very basic problem which should have been fixed , maybe UDO could give its user base a explanation as to why its been overlooked ?


I’m still finding the sync is working okay for me.

I have the S6 keyboard and I’ve synced to both Bitwig over USB and to my Digitone over DIN MIDI. I have the S6 set to receive clock and to respond to transport start and stop.

To get the arpeggiator in sync, I need to start the external clock with the Arp button already on. If I switch the Arp button on whilst clock is already running, it syncs the arpeggiator to the moment I press the switch rather than on the beat. Personally, I think it would be much more useful to sync to the beat division provided by the midi clock, regardless of when you press the Arp button.

With my setups I’ve not noticed it drifting over time unless I turn the arpeggiator off and on.

Just wondering if it could be anything to do with the Deluge and MPC sending clock even when the sequencer is stopped?

However, I think the overall clock stability is hugely improved over the previous firmware. I used to get a lot of wobbly delay artefacts before and those are gone now.