External Sync of Arp

Hi there.
Just wanted to sync externally my Arp on the Super6 to Logic…Shift+Sync and only incoming and start/stop, so leaving Patch 2 and 3 blinking and by (formerly blinking) pressing Patch 1, button’s light is steady on…is this the OFF position??? In the Manual (yes: I read the manual :D) this is not clearly described.
Sometimes a Display could be helpful as with the TEMPO I cannot see the exact 128bpm :frowning:
Thanx for help

I tried this with an Akai MPC weeks ago and it seemed to be a little tricky but after all it worked for me.
If external sync is on and the TEMPO LED is not flashing, the Super6 receives no MIDI Clock signal (and does not really what you expect).
As far as i remember i had to set the MIDI channel before it worked.
This seemed to me a little confusing, because the Super6 accepted MIDI note events without a MIDI channel set, but no clock.

The fact, that the Super6 behaves some kind of unexpected without a clock is in combination with the Akai MPC not the optimal situation, because this sends only MIDI Clock signal if recording or playing, but thats the way it is.