Bug reporting

LFO2 modulation to resonance is a routing possibiity, yet does nothing.

DDS2 in LFO mode: when the noise waveform is selected, i should get a sample and hold signal, except when the tuning is fully up.
I only get noise, the timbre of filter modulation does not change when turning the tune knob. It always sounds like the same white noise modulating the filter

I’ve been trying to use the random sources in a sample and hold kind of way where every note has slightly different values, but i can’t get

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LFO2/Resonance - I think you’ll find that it does something but is way too subtle. This is either due to the smoothing applied in the matrix or the mod depths, never quite worked this one out.
Hadn’t expected S&H from DDS2, maybe a feature request? I would definitely have liked noise colour to be swept via the tune control but, again, a feature request. I think if you want keyed S&H, you’d currently use LFO1 and key-sync it, making sure delay is as close to zero as poss.

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