Feature Request: Noise Colors Using Pitch/Tune

This was brought up by @softroom in another thread.

I’d love to get different types of noise out of the Super 6.



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I support this feature request :+1:

Yes, this would be amazing!

Lots of support here thanks guys. @DDS please can you log this and vote it up accordingly. Got to be the only place where one can have a discussion “what’s your favourite noise colour”


Yes, I’d love this! :-⁠)

Big yes would be a great addition.

I like my Super6 as is, and hope there are not endless software updates. How would you switch between white, pink or blue noise, when there is no screen? We would have to learn button combinations and flashing LEDs. Nightmare. We do not know how the thing works either, which will determine what changes can be made in software. There are 6 voice cards, so presumably each is stereo. Are the oscillators on the voice cards or from the CPU on the motherboard? Surely this will determine how many changes can be made, post manufacture?

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I think OP ment the OSC octave switch could be used, it makes good sense and would feel natural

Otherwise I’m with you, approaching peak-Shift for sure :slight_smile:

Question for my information,

Is it possible to add your own noise colour as a custom wave to OSC 1? Or as external Audio input replacing OSC 2?

The tune control doesn’t do anything when noise is selected, and smooth continuous changes are always better than switches (in a live musical context, imho).


You can add it to external input yes. A noise wave basically sounds like a square wave if loaded as a wave into dds1. There’s some maths going on there combined with psychoacoustics!

Hydrasynth has insane scope of options. I am sure you can cramm a lot in that DDS - or, we can at least use these as CCWF.

There is an audible 1 second looped sound in the noise. Does that mean its not algorithmic, or something funky in the algorithm? More noise colors would be cool though.

Hi the noise is created using a maximal length linear feed back shift register. It will loop eventually but this should be in minutes and not noticeable. Perhaps there is a tiny amount of modulation happening? Perhaps a residual LFO or even from the DRIFT parameter or chorus?

To replicate just do shift+ manual and set dds-1 to noise.

Sound example from my synth using 0.30 firmware (unfiltered and filtered sound):

I can hear that really clearly! Let me look into it

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@trond.olsen just letting you know this is fixed in new release coming this Friday (5th August)