Noise too quiet

I would love to see the volume of the noise greatly increased as its really quiet compare to square or saw making it really hard to mix


I find the noise to quite too.

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I never found this. Why would you want loud noise? For percs?

I also find the noise quiet compared to the other waveforms, especially on DDS2 which outputs a different noise colour (less HF content, pinky) compared to DDS1 (significantly louder, more HF content, whiter). This is on firmware v0.30.

Anyone else observing a difference in noise colour between DDS1 & 2? Unsure if this is expected behaviour as it seems to be un-documented. It’s nice to have access to different noise colours though!

It is a bit quiet compared to the other waveforms. It hasn’t really bothered me, but maybe it could use a little boost to be more even with the rest. I must say though, it’s my favorite sounding noise compared to any other synth I own.

Another vote here for noise volume to be increased, and be at parity with the other osc waveshape volumes.

I would be in favor of this too. My only concern is that A: it’s going to break existing patches if it’s implemented without an adjustment parameter and B: George has already expressed dismay at the synth reaching peak shift functionality, which is likely to be the only way of adding this feature correctly. Whats your thoughts?

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I don’t get this fear of ‘peak shift’ if it means every parameter gains a logical shifted option. It’s not like you have to use them all - or any - just those you’ve been hoping for. The ability to change the HPF cutoff has already been an awesome addition - for example.


Yes percussion and wind …

Yes I hope it doesn’t change. It’s a beautifully balanced polysynth not a poor mans drum machine.


I vote for louder noise … for me it’s too quite.


Agree to keep noise level as it is. S6 is a fine polysynth not a drum machine.
Nor it is a modular.