Feature Request: Noise Colors Using Pitch/Tune

I would also really appreciate this feature. I find noise modulation really useful and red/pink ARE better for that.
+1 from me!

Just had the thought last night…

Octave switch on DDS2 to select different noise flavors (white, pink, metallic, bitcrushed). Pitch knob to filter noise (center normal, up HPF, down LPF). Would be so useful, esp. since DDS2 modulates the filter.


Seconded! I love this idea…wait, I already said that - never mind. Third-ed!

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Hi I’m intrigued what “asteroids” type noise is?

The explosion sounds on some old arcade games were made with an LFSR using a clock rate sweep.

If the noise is made with an LFSR I thought a setting where the clock could track the pitch of the osc. Then a pitch envelope would give retro game explosion sounds . Also, low audio rate clock on an LFSR makes a square wave with a random amplitude for each cycle, makes a nice unstable oscillator to filter/mix in.

There was a eurorack module that used this called VCNO, video below. Some good sweeps at about 7:30 in

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I see the Gemini has pink, white, and blue noise for DDS 2. Has a similar feature made it into the Super 6?

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As an example… Elektron Analog Four has a great versatile noise, that goes from plain white to all “asteroid”.

Seems like an NCO feeding the clock input of the noise source could achieve this, with the TUNE pot of DDS2 logarithmically adjusting the NCO clock frequency. Existing patches would be unaltered and it’s not a shift function, it’s logically there … good discussion


Is this what you’re talking about? :space_invader::boom::upside_down_face:

Yeah, that’s the type of sound. I had the VCNO module, and sampled the crap out of it but it doesn’t work as well as a bunch of samples.