Can you add a way to turn off the transpose behavior of the sequencer?

I really like being able to play chords on the polyphonic sequencer, or program a bass line in the sequencer, and then improvise on top of it. But the default behavior of the sequencer is transpose mode. That’s rarely what I want, and I often hit it on accident and it messes up what I’m playing by transposing it totally out of key.

The workaround of having to leave one of the SEQ RECORD modes selected is confusing and it means you’re only one accidental press away from starting to overwrite your sequence (especially if you accidentally leave it in step edit mode). I also noticed that if I want to start the sequence with external midi start/stop messages, it forces me into the transpose mode and once the sequence has started that way it’s just stuck in transpose mode and I can’t play over it

I wish there was a way to disable transpose mode, so that when there are no SEQ RECORD edit options selected, or when you have started the sequence via external midi start/stop messages, you could play on top of the sequence instead of transposing it.

Would that be possible to add?

A pretty intuitive way to map it would be when Mode is set to Seq, you could press Shift + Mode and then use mod buttons 1 or 2 to switch between transpose and non-transpose behavior. That button combo is unused currently.