Mega Sequencer Wishlist

Happen to be an absolute lover of built in sequencers, and the one in Super 6 is no exception. However, after a few months of use, there are a few things I think could be implemented without breaking the current workflow. Here are some ideas I’ve sent over to George&Co;

  1. When on STEP page, and SEQ is not running, pressing a step button should audition that step.

  2. STEP page, SEQ not running, while holding down the step button it should be possible to input/edit bender position without requiring inputing/pressing new notes.

  3. STEP page, SEQ running, while holding down step button it should be possible to enter bender position and/or new notes without it being audible before the SEQ plays that step. Similarly, the SEQ should not transpose the sequence in hold mode during these operations.

  4. STEP page, while holding step button, MOD AMOUNT encoder should transpose the notes for that step in semitones.

  5. SLIDE page, while holding step button, MOD AMOUNT encoder to set gate length (percentage) for that step. Steps with non standard gate length could be represented by half lit LED. Notes with slide enabled set gate length for step after slide step.

  6. ACCENT page, while holding step button, MOD AMOUNT to set level (velocity) of accented note.

  7. REST page, while holding down button, MOD AMOUNT to set micro timing for step, pushing it forward or backward like on Elektron sequencers. Gate length to follow accordingly, similar to how it currently works with SWING. Offset relative to global swing setting.

  8. Finer settings for SWING.

Interested to read of your thoughts…

I really like your ideas (numbers 4-7) of using the mod knob while holding a button down. Regarding number 4, transposing the whole sequence, can’t you already do this on the keyboard while the hold button is on? I think it might be more useful to transpose an individual step.

I am still wrapping my head around the sequencer. There are a lot of instances where the sequencer stops completely. Whenever you press the shift, mod assign, or wave button to go into those modes, the sequence stops completely. Also when you press the sequencer record button to go through various pages, when you get to the last editing part (length) and press the button again, the sequencer stops. It makes it so much harder to edit a sequence or patch and move in and out of the sequencer on the fly, making a lot harder to perform with when it stops so much.

Also, when you hold down a key while the sequencer is running and then turn the sequencer off or go back into the arpeggiator, those notes held down also go silent. It would be nice if held keys would still sound after switching in and out of the sequencer.

I also wish there was some sort of live record into the sequencer rather than only step inputting.

Lastly, when in step mode of the sequencer recording, it would be really useful to have a button enter in a rest. You can get around this by pressing the steps individually, but this does not help if you want a rest as the last step or steps of a sequence. Instead, you have to go all the way to the length page to set the length of the sequence.

Yeah, for (4) i ment transposing that particular step, corrected.

Btw, if “HOLD” is active, the sequencer won’t stop when you go through all seq writing modes.

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Btw, if “HOLD” is active, the sequencer won’t stop when you go through all seq writing modes.

Ah! Thank you! This also keeps the sequencer running even when pressing shift, wave, or mod assign.

Although the drawback of the HOLD button is the keyboard transposes the sequence when the HOLD button is on, including when you enter a note in the step mode of sequencer record, meaning you will be both entering in a note for that step and transposing the whole sequence at the same time. I still wish the sequencer would remain running without the HOLD button, allowing you to play the keyboard on top of the sequence.