Compatibility S6 <-> SG

Can I use my existing patches, sequences and waveforms from S6 and load them into the Gemini?
I expect, the waveforms and sequences can be used, but concerning the patches, I doubt if Gemini can detect that this one layer structure form S6 is to be linked to only one of the Gemini layers. Is this taken into account?

As you guessed correctly, the waveform and sequence files will be identical. However, the patch files will have different file extensions and due to the bi-timbral nature of the Super Gemini there will also be performance files.

Please could you make it possible, that Gemini accepts the S6 patch files or, if not possible, make a tool to converts S6 patch file into Gemini patch file.

Seconded. I preordered and sold my S6, would love to still have access to my old patches.

I would prefer a MIDI solution rather than fiddling with patchfiles. Same goes for file management. It would mean further firmware development though.