Compatibility S6 <-> SG

Can I use my existing patches, sequences and waveforms from S6 and load them into the Gemini?
I expect, the waveforms and sequences can be used, but concerning the patches, I doubt if Gemini can detect that this one layer structure form S6 is to be linked to only one of the Gemini layers. Is this taken into account?

As you guessed correctly, the waveform and sequence files will be identical. However, the patch files will have different file extensions and due to the bi-timbral nature of the Super Gemini there will also be performance files.

Please could you make it possible, that Gemini accepts the S6 patch files or, if not possible, make a tool to converts S6 patch file into Gemini patch file.

Seconded. I preordered and sold my S6, would love to still have access to my old patches.

I would prefer a MIDI solution rather than fiddling with patchfiles. Same goes for file management. It would mean further firmware development though.

Exactly the question I was going to ask. I’m yet to pull the trigger on a UDO product, and am torn between the Super 6 and Super Gemini. I love the idea of a bi-timbral synth because for years my daughter had a digital piano that allowed you to layer sounds, and the combination of piano and strings was always a favourite of mine - something percussive with something swirling in the background. For this the Super Gemini would be ideal, but I love the idea of being able to load in Super 6 patches too, even if they aren’t exactly 1:1, because let’s be honest - Super Gemini isn’t just two Super 6’s back-to-back, it’s its own thing.

I’m not too bothered about PolyAT, but perhaps a Super 6 desktop with an external controller would afford me more options going forwards…options options!

Currently you cannot layer sounds on the S6 also are you aware that neither UDO synth can or ever will be able produce a passable piano sound - its not what they were designed for, wrong technology , so unless you midi up the UDO with a decent Piano sound from your DAW etc the S6 / Gemini will not meet your stated aims but why do that when there are so many software synths that can layer sounds etc so easily if you want to work ‘in the box’.
May I suggest that when you addition the UDO synths you also try out current and last years flagships from Roland , Yamaha and Korg as being digital hardware synths /workstations any of them can easily layer sounds plus have a high number of excellent acoustic piano sounds as well depending on make a whole spread of acoustic natural sounds plus powerful FM , Sample based, wavetable and Analog style synth sounds.

Yeah I know you can’t layer sounds on S6, just saying I’d like the ability to have layered sounds, hence my interest in the SG. I also know neither can produce an acoustic piano sound, was just citing an example based on what my daughter had. Having said that, they can produce a reasonable FM-like electric piano.

As flexible and cheap as soft synths are, I work on a computer all day, and don’t really want to sit at one to noodle around musically, also find a largely touch or mouse-based interface not as immediate.

All of the major flagships are on my radar, including the new Genos2 as that offers so much music potential at the expense of pure sonic flexibility: The closest contender at the moment is probably the Montage M series, just a shame they locked PolyAT behind the 88 key version.