DAW MIDI playback reverts all parameters

An odd thing is happening when I play back a MIDI clip through Ableton Live: all of the parameters revert back to where they were when I recorded the clip. I’m not sure if this is a feature or a bug.

I have LOCAL control off, so all MIDI notes and parameter changes are triggered via the DAW (e.g. when I turn a pot, it tells the DAW I’m turning it, which then in turn tells the Super 6 to change that parameter accordingly).

Say I record a MIDI clip with the VCF all the way up to 10, and stop the track. Then turn down the VCF to 0. If I play keys on the keyboard, it sounds like the VCF is at 0. Likewise if I play back the MIDI clip and turn the VCF to 0 while it’s playing back, it plays the recorded notes but with the VCF at 0. However, once I stop the clip and start it again, it reverts back to the VCF being at 10.

Is this deliberate? Does the MIDI clip contain the information of every parameter, or the patch, and re-set the patch when I play it back? This does not happen with my other synths. It’s frustrating because if I play around with the sound design and then go to listen to my clip with the modified patch, all the tweaks I played with get lost.