DC Offset

I’m just noticing something on my Super 6, I’m not sure if it’s anything to be concerned about but wondering if anyone else has noticed this or if it’s something I should address. I have an RME ADI-2 Pro interface that I’m using as my A/D convertor (with a SSL Six mixer before that). I’ve noticed that, with just about any sound I’m making with the Super 6, there is content down in the very low frequencies, basically down to DC. I see this on the spectrum analyser. There is material sub 20hz, and then sometimes nothing till beyond 100hz. But there are often pulses or some level of a signal down at that low Hz band. Is that anything I should be concerned about or need to roll off with a high pass in the mixer to be safe? I just don’t want to blow something up down the line (my monitors can’t reproduce anything quite that low and the interface has built-in DC filtering regardless but my understanding is if something gets hit with DC it can do damage and/or if the music is compressed to an AAC or MP3 or the like there can be audible issues). Thoughts?

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I as well have experienced this.