DDS modulator

I have a newbie question
under the DDS modulator The detune fader controls the oscillator frequency spread as well as pulse with of dds2 square wave. Lets say I find the perfect spread setting with the detune fader effecting dds1 now I have selected a square wave on dds2 and want to adjust the pulse width. How can I do this without effecting the dds1 spread as they share the same fader?

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ā€¦ good question. I would like to know the anser too.

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This somewhat bamboozled me too!
Basically that slider controls two different parameters at the same time, and you cannot adjust them independently, is that right?
Seems an odd design choice!

(Iā€™m find DDS2ā€™s controls a bit confusing at the best of times, to be honest! You can only get a sub-osc as a bonus if you switch DDS2 into LFO mode? It would be much simpler if DDS1 just had a subosc button, to be honest!)