Desktop super 6 delay LED


I´m wondering what the led in the delay section on the desktop version is for?
I would have expected it to be an indicator of the delay Time but it never lit up when I play or use the delay.

Is that the same for all desktop users or is it just my super 6?

Yes, this is an issue on my desktop and on others that I’ve seen in videos. I submitted a ticket for this a couple months ago and was told that the functionality hadn’t been implemented yet.

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Thanks Modeswitching, we´ll just have to wait for the new function then!

Yes, I noticed this on my desktop as well

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It is very strange that the delay led still isn’t functional in the latest firmware. Seems like it should be part of the core functionality and fairly easy to implement - both of the other tempo led’s work. @udo-audio, any word on this?


In the user manual (version 4.0, page 70), the delay LED is not drawn in the schema of delay section of Super 6 :flushed:
In addition, this LED is not on Super 6 keyboard edition. I do not understand. Why UDO added it on the desktop version ? :thinking:


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I am not in front of mine at the moment, but has anyone tried to assign the delay time to e.g. mod wheel (if that is possible*) maybe then the LED reacts accordingly (you know, like the LFO2 LED does)?

(*I just got my S6 D today, so please bear with me)

edit: just tried it, didn’t do anything to the LED…

…or, maybe the LED is there to indicate enhanced delay times, coming with a new firmware update, LED off=1s, on=2s, and blinking=3s - haha, wishful thinking… or it will indicate the delay freeze in the future… who knows…