LFO1 Rate LED Issues

I’m having a few issues with LFO1 (on the most recent firmware).

In once mode the rate light is a little flaky, lighting up just when certain keys are pressed etc. (it doesn’t even come on when the shape is set to random). Similar in reset mode only certain keys reset the light, so the light is not in sync with the lfo most of the time. Can anyone else confirm that theirs is doing the same thing?

Since there are 12 LFOs and only one LED, and the phase of the LFO resets with key presses, it can sometimes be confusing what’s seen.

The LFO1 LED also gives a true representation of the actual state, so if LFO1 DELAY is activated it will fade in with key press. When ARP is on in conjunction with reset or once modes you may not see it pulse at all.

I am considering, rather than show the true state of LFO1 wave on one voice (as happens now) to just “dumb pulse” the LED at the LFO1 frequency. There are advantages and disadvantages to both…

Sounds like you’re led is working so nothing to worry about there rest assured


Thanks so much for the reply!

Yes, thinking about it as 12 seperate lfos with only one led makes sense, it seems to retrigger on every sixth voice that I use in binaural mode.

You all have made such a simple interface for such a complex synth that I guess sometimes I don’t realize how much is going on under the hood.

Thanks again!

One other quick question if you have time:

When I push the random LFO up to the max for it to be white noise the modulation is extremely subtle on some destinations, like the filter cutoff frequency. This normal too :-)?

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My thoughts exactly - that the LED can never follow the cycle of all 6 (or is it 12) LFOs. There is a photo of the inside of a Super6, showing 6 cards, which may mean each card is a stereo voice. I can see through the ventilation slots there are orange LEDs, on the voice cards, which is cool. (I’m never going to open mine up though, and hope it remains OK.) It’s a great synth, and I feel so lucky getting one.