ENV2 as Source for Modulation

I can Switch the VCA from ENV2 to 2 Short Stages in the VCA Section, so the Envelope 2 is not in use in this Case. If would be Fine to Use this Envelope as a Mod Source in this Case.
Yes and the Sequencer as Mod Source also would be nice :slight_smile:


This makes total sense! @udo-audio please note this. Thanks!

The manual says to use the upper two VCA envelope presets on the switch to “free up envelope 2 for other modulation duties…” - so then I started looking how to use ENV2 as a mod source - which does not exist!!!
How was this switch with the two preset envelopes even added to the design without considering what else ENV2 could be used for?
Seems completely redundant.

You can use ENV2 to modulate VCF ENV. Maybe that’s it, but it at least frees up ENV1 a bit more!