Envelope 1 Attack/Decay Bug?

Adjusting attack in a saved patch causes decay to jump to its manual position, and vice versa. (Desktop running the latest firmware, manual mode is off)

To reproduce this behavior:

  1. Set attack and decay on envelope 1 to something slow, near maximum

  2. Load any patch saved with a quick attack and decay.

  3. Adjust the attack.

On all patches, including init, this causes the decay value to jump to the slider’s manual position, even though I didn’t move it. The same thing happens if I move decay: attack will revert to its manual setting. I haven’t noticed other interactions between envelope sliders but maybe there are others. Anyone else experiencing this?

The same on my keyboard version running FW 0.30.

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@brain_tan yes this happens. Thanks for detailed feedback. Is an easy fix. Expect this addressed in next release which is work in progress at the moment