Feature request: lowcut delay setting

My no1 wish is still an editor.

But today i was doing some sounddesign and realised a simple feature i would really like is an extra option for the delay effect: maybe just an A_B setting, or possibly a shift function similar to drift and highpass filter.

So an option to have the delay have a lower lowcut filtering/ high frequency damping. On very bright plucky sounds, the transient echo is a bit annoying. On tape or bbd emulations, they are sometimes so dark that they sit in the background filling out the sound. I really like that. You can kindof doing it with lower levels of delay, but the option a darker delay would be really nice


there is an editor! from Sunny Synths:

(unfortunately the support from UDO-side is not really there for the motivated developers)

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Would love to be able to control a filter on the delays!


Thx VaYou!
I was going to answer the same (I’m the developer of the editor).

I’d like to correct a bit your remark about the support from UDO not really there: there are a small team and detailed questions can only be answered by one or two people so it is more a matter of time than willingness as they have always appreciated my work.
Now that I’m preparing the Save, I already did a meeting with George to get answers to my tricky questions and there will be more meetings when I will have digested/handled those first answers.