Ping/pong delay

Love the UDO. Seriously, thanks for making this synthesizer.

One feature request I have, though I’m not sure how the circuitry looks for this. Anyway, since the stereo image is one of the USPs of the UDO – it’d be cool to have the stereo image in the delay as well, like the classic ping/pong variant for example. Or have some modulation destination possible for the delay to allow for this.


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Yes, this would be a great enhancement!

To activate and switch between regular vs ping pong delay, I can think of 2 methods:

  1. While in MOD Assign mode – press Shift + Delay Time (or Shift + Delay Feedback) to activate/deactivate
  2. Shift + Delay Level knob adjustment to activate, and then same to deactivate might work.

My preference would be #1 as knob adjustments would change delay parameters due to knob position changes.

Also voting for #1, that would feel intuitive. And maybe Shift + Delay Level/Feedback would be cool HPF/LPF the delay perhaps, and if possible.