Gemini Shift button behaving weirdly in comparison to Super6

Hey, I notice that Shift button behaves differently in Gemini compared to Super6, feels like buggy.

For instance, if I press and hold Shift, then press Manual Lower (or Upper), it does init patch and leaves in the Shift mode. I feel like it should go back to previous non-Shift mode, at least this is my Super6 desktop behavior.

Also Shift behaves inconsistently when used with Perf/Patch buttons, namely if I hold shift and press one of them - nothing happens. It only works when pressed sequentially, like in the previous paragraph, but unlike Manual buttons, it does return from Shift-mode after pressing Perf/Patch. I assume it should work while pressed too, or no?

Also pressing Manual repeatedly, like doc says, doesn’t work, but I believe it was already reported before and is a known bug.


I have only had my Super Gemini for a few days, and I was rather confused by the SHIFT key too.

In the Quick Start section of the manual, when discussing Performancew and Patches, the manual keeps using the phrase ‘press and hold the shift key, then press…’

However, that’s not how it works!
If you press and hold Shift, then press another button when shift is still held down, you just get loads of flashing lights and confusion.
I figured out that you had to press and release shift, then press your next button (eg Perf A/B).

I believe there are certain functions, such as secondary sliders, where you can keep the shift button pressed so that it behaves in momentary fashion. Other functions require a press and release of the shift button to put it in a latched state.

Seems like a rather basic thing for the User Manual to get right!

I think it’s adequately covered on page 24 of the manual.

Yes, it’s explained properly there on page 24.

Unfortunately I had already read several incorrect instructions in the previous 23 pages before I got there :upside_down_face: