Shift quick release

Can it be made in a future FW update that holding shift engages the function and releasing the button disengages?

Right now a press of shift engages and second press disables again. That can stay but would like the above for quickness.

Yes it’s good idea (my modal craft synth 2 do that) or if it’s a problem, double shift to engage…

I can see the appeal to having it be a hold function, but what if in the future they have shift functions that require 2 button presses? Personally, I like how the shift currently works

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A locked function of the shift button it’s a good idea if you want explore many functions it can make easier,

What do you mean?

Holding shift is different from a quick click/press. You could still press it twice in whatever scenario you are referring to.

Right now it is an extra button press for no reason, just seems a sluggish way of operating.

Ah yes I did not understand your first message, i don’t speak english very well, I will have super 6 after the holidays, currently the shift can be locked ?

Yes you press shift once and it is locked on. So you need to press it again to disable, or else it is stuck in shift mode.

I would like it to behave like a momentary switch also though. Much slicker operation imo.

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You need two hands for this, when the shift is locked only one hand used^^


No reason why you couldn’t implement both. Hold for 1sec to ‘hold’, or press to toggle.

The current toggle style operation did strike me as a bit weird. It’s generally not how shift functions work, on synths or on most other devices.

No dealbreaker though, and you’re right - it does allow for single-hand operation.


Is this being considered? It makes using the full HPF such as a chore. It’s so clunky imo.

Since shift function is a necessary evil we should at least make it more seamless. Should be that you hold shift and the very nano second you are done with it you lift off intuitively and you are done, shift function is off again - no having to refocus on the shift button to press again to repress. On paper it seems a minor thing (one button press) but for my tiny brain it is pretty massive.


They may have been thinking it’s better for performance to be able to do things like this with one hand.

Then again, you do need both hands to do the “BATTwave” feature on here, so I’m unsure.

It can easily be both methods like on other synths.

Click shift once and it’s enabled, until you click it again to disable.

Or if you just want momentary, hold shift and it is enabled then whenever you let it go it is disabled.

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Voting yes for this.

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Yeah agreed it was definitely something that stood out as not being super intuitive when first using it. Used to it now but still accidentally leave it on sometimes.

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