Shift quick release

Can it be made in a future FW update that holding shift engages the function and releasing the button disengages?

Right now a press of shift engages and second press disables again. That can stay but would like the above for quickness.

Yes it’s good idea (my modal craft synth 2 do that) or if it’s a problem, double shift to engage…

I can see the appeal to having it be a hold function, but what if in the future they have shift functions that require 2 button presses? Personally, I like how the shift currently works

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A locked function of the shift button it’s a good idea if you want explore many functions it can make easier,

What do you mean?

Holding shift is different from a quick click/press. You could still press it twice in whatever scenario you are referring to.

Right now it is an extra button press for no reason, just seems a sluggish way of operating.

Ah yes I did not understand your first message, i don’t speak english very well, I will have super 6 after the holidays, currently the shift can be locked ?

Yes you press shift once and it is locked on. So you need to press it again to disable, or else it is stuck in shift mode.

I would like it to behave like a momentary switch also though. Much slicker operation imo.

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You need two hands for this, when the shift is locked only one hand used^^


No reason why you couldn’t implement both. Hold for 1sec to ‘hold’, or press to toggle.

The current toggle style operation did strike me as a bit weird. It’s generally not how shift functions work, on synths or on most other devices.

No dealbreaker though, and you’re right - it does allow for single-hand operation.