Glastonbury Glimpse

No issue. No music to share. No Super Gemini…yet. Just noting that I caught a glimpse of the SG at Glastonbury (on video because I am a Yank) during the Orbital set. Waiting…waiting…waiting - damn it where is my order!!!


FYI I have seen the video of George and Orbital at a club show.


Yeah saw that, also Novation Bass station? Arturia Poly Brute I’m guessing and Roland?? SPD? Tr-8S? Any others?

Wait, where is the Super 6? I’m seeing what looks like a Gemini in the background (white keyboard, orange faders), but I’m not seeing the Super 6.

Are you expecting to see a Super 6?

Ohhh haha. I read SG as S6. That makes more sense :laughing:

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James Blake played a Super 6 on top of his Nord piano.