How Does The Polyphonic LFO2 Work? (Keyboard Version)

Hi everyone, I recently picked up a Super 6 and am loving it, but I’m a little confused as to how the Polyphonic LFO2 feature works.

From the update notes:
• Polyphonic LFO2

  • LFO2 now has 12 individual LFO modules that can be polyphonically
    modulated to have different frequencies for each of the 12 notes
  • If LFO2 has been modulated and now has random phase, the phase of
    the 12 LFOs can be synchronised by toggling the LFO2MODE switch
    on the keyboard, or pressing the LFO2MODE pushbutton on the Desktop

On the keyboard version, is the LFO2 Mode Switch the one that is labeled “DDS1, 1+2, DDS2”? If so how does this switch work with this feature? I think I’m just a little confused as to how this feature works. I can’t seem to enable it.


Its about the leftmost toggleswitch, labelled TRIG, AT+TRIG, ON