LFO 1 can't properly sync to ext midi

Hi there,
i’m on firmware 0.3 and i can’t get my lfo 1 to be sync with external tempo, i did everything…sequencer seems to be synced though… (“seem” to be synced because i still have to press key exactly on a step to get it right, if i play between to steps, it will start between these two steps and keep going that way, sync but not at the same time, i don’t know if i’m clear ? while lfo 1 is living its own life with no syncing to that whatsoever…
do you have any behavior like that ?


With HOLD on sequencer will start with start message and stop with stop message.

You can start and stop the sequence (+transpose) at a particular point in your track by painting a note in your DAW or hardware sequencer, otherwise yes the sequence starts when you play a note/press a key, if this is on an off beat it will stay on this off beat.

To sync LFO1 to tempo, the SYNC LED must be lit next to tempo. The LFO1 rate control then sets the LFO1 clock divisor. If EXTCLK receive is enabled this will sync to the external clock. If local clock, this will sync to local clock.

Note not all sequencers send clock in stopped mode, and this is often an option. With EXTCLK (midi input clock) enabled and no clock received the LFO1 doesn’t have anything to sync to and may be undefined.

Hope this helps!


Hi George,
Thanks for your quick reply, i did exactly what you said earlier but…

LFO 1 clock divisor doesn’t seem to respect any clock divisions

and the “off beat” thing is very frustrating because i play live exclusively and its a very useful tip to get lfo on beat which i do all the time with arturia synths for example (minibrute, polybrute…) it’s a big pain for me to not have this option
is there any way to “hard sync” the super 6 in a way that it doesn’t care about note that are off beat ?
Thanks again for your work,

Fortunately, most of the good sequencers do send clock when stopped - because it’s necessary to keep synced delays, LFOs and arpeggiators happy. It means I can start arpeggios on my 101 or V-Synth and start Cirklon later, confident everything will line up perfectly. Many synths have an ‘auto’ option for sync so that they respond to incoming clock if there is one but default to internal if none is received.

If the tempo knob is increasing tempo smoothly, not per clock division, check shift-extclock to make sure it’s correctly set. When synced, the patch select buttons LEDs will indicate which clock division you are at.

i think my problem is that there is no “hard sync” and you can play off beat so the lfo is never on beat except if i play exactly on beat with lfo in reset mode, if lfo is on free mode, its not really on beat even if its “sync” but i don’t see the purpose to be sync if its not on beat…or maybe with a dedicated setting but right now its very hardly usable when playing live, or do i still miss something ?

Is it possible that there is a midi clock latency as the lfo in free mode is off beat by default ?
it came to my mind because i experience latency in the pitch bender and in the cut off fader (about 20-30ms i guess)

There is a lag generally present; I think it’s due to smoothing algorithms so perhaps can be tweaked in the future.